Gap in the market – 10 really hot ideas

Doing business is easier if you find a gap in the market

Do you want to start a business but don’t have the right idea? Then you’ve come to the right place, read on and find out that there is not only one gap in the market, there are many of them and we will be happy to reveal them to you.

10 business ideas

“Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming.” – Richard Branson


Don’t just read the headlines, read every single idea carefully.

1) Electro – TAXI service

The first rule of entering the market is to differentiate yourself from the competition! If you love cars and enjoy this topic, you could open your own “socially conscious” TAXI service that does not harm the environment. The advantage is also that you have no fuel costs, so you can save. All you need is a couple of electric cars and we guarantee that you will be talked about in a big way in your city, which will bring the attention of customers and their money. People are becoming more and more aware of the environment, use it and kill 3 flies with 1 blow. You will help our planet, you will help people and you will still make money on it.

big gap in the market

2) Shared scooters

The shared economy is popular. If you are looking for an idea that you would run in a big city like Prague, London or Chicago, shared scooters may be the right one. It works in some European and world capitals, so why not in your region? Simply buy a few scooters (ideally electric) and place them in places where a lot of people move. They will be able to borrow them for a fee and leave them in the zone marked by you, so that they can be borrowed by others.

a gap in the market - shared scooters

3) Cafe with different coffee flavors

Do you know a café in your area where you can order coffee with, for example cookies, white chocolate, caramel or chilli flavour? Open an interesting café in your area, which will be different from all the others! Your target audience (girls and women) will fall in love with this place and share it on social networks and talk about it at work or school, so that awareness of your café will be spread for free. Because you will be different from everyone else, people will easily remember you and love you.

another gap in the market - coffee place

4) Coffins for animals

You might say it’s a bizarre idea, but you’re wrong. Relations between owners and pets have deepened in an unreal way in recent years. Surely you know someone who has a dog or cat at home, and you know that these people have a strong emotional relationship with their pets. Provide them with a dignified funeral for their pets, thanks to which they will feel at least a little better after the tragic event.

hole in the market

5) Quality non-leather (vegan) belts

Nowadays, there are more and more vegetarians and vegans who do not want to buy leather belts because the animal had to die because of them. That is why they choose animal friendly products for moral reasons. When you do a market research, you will find out that it is a huge hole in the business market, because all large companies focus only on leather belts.

business gap - belts

6) Electric bicycles by the lake

Have you ever been on a trip by the lake? If so, you know for sure that there is often a bike path around the whole lake, which is used by almost all tourists. You can easily move around the lake. You can often rent ordinary bicycles in almost every guest house and hotel. However, nowhere do you have the opportunity to rent electric bicycles, which are currently in a huge trend, for several reasons. The main reason why this idea will work is mainly that when the whole family with small children come to a trip, their performances are not even and small children do not even have to rule long-distance cycling. At the same time, older people, who also no longer have enough strength, can get around the entire lake. Give them an unforgettable experience, fill this hole in the market and make good money on it.

business idea - bikes by the lake

7) Vertical farming

The population is constantly growing and that is why agriculture needs to be more efficient than ever before. Every good farmer will tell you that the most important thing is to maximize the cultivated food in the smallest possible area. And vertical cultivation could be the perfect solution to this problem! Instead of growing crops in the fields, you can grow vegetables on top of each other to get as much space as possible. Vertical cultivation is already becoming a huge trend in some large metropolises. The advantage of this business idea is that you can grow several times more crops in the same space as your competition.

idea for business - vertical farming

8) Nerf arena

A nerf arena is something like a laser arena, but instead of laser “weapons” you have Nerf “weapons”. It’s a great idea that will be appreciated especially by the little ones (and their parents), but also, for example, companies that can come for team building activities and young people who just want to have fun. Find a suitable space, make a few obstacles, buy nerf weapons and a lot of “bullets”. As a bonus, you can offer snacks, which will also make you good money. It works in the world, so why not in your country?

nerf arena

9) Hemp products

As society’s attitude to marijuana relaxes, many entrepreneurs have chosen to take advantage of it. We are beginning to see marijuana again as a medicine. It helps with shivering, joint pain or insomnia. There is certainly no doubt that the demand for similar products is growing. CBD ointments, oils and sweets are not the only things that can be made from hemp. Take a look, for example, at the success of the Czech company Bohempia, which produces hemp sneakers and clothing.

hemp products - idea

10) A slightly different smartphone case

A former US soldier founded a company that develops a specific smartphone case. Not only does it protect your mobile phone from scratches or damage, but it can also turn into a stun gun that generates voltages of up to 650,000 V! This idea was a great success in the crowdfunding campaign. Is there something similar in your country?

phone case

There are many possibilities

As we have already mentioned, the hole in the business market in the world is not just one, there are thousands. However, it is necessary to choose the right one and run it sensibly. The idea must totally engulf you and charge you with infinite energy. If it hasn’t happened yet, keep looking!

Another gap in the market?

If you’re still not sure what business do you want to start, get inspired by ideas from the largest database of business ideas in the world, there are hundreds of them and more are constantly being added.

End quote

“It’s better to try something, and if you fail, learn from it rather than do nothing all the time.” – Mark Zuckerberg