30 Easy Box Truck Business Ideas You Can Start Today and Earn $$$

The right box truck business ideas can be easily turned into very profitable income. You can find the best ones in this article.

Sit down and start reading about smart business ideas for box trucks for the year 2022 and beyond.

1) How to make money with a 26ft box truck

Offer SPA and Massages on Wheels

What people need most, especially in big cities, is relaxation. Start offering different massages, with the twist of bringing them directly to your customers. You’ll save them a lot of time, and they’ll gladly pay a premium for that.


Relatively low initial expenses

You don’t have to pay a monthly rent fee for a space

Unique competitive advantage

Your mobility allows you to offer your services in areas with a lot of potential customers (festivals, parks, near shopping malls, near big company offices, different company events, etc.)


1) Attend a masseur course

– an accredited course with a certificate will cost you around 170 EUR

2) Buy a van (or rent one to start with)

3) Cover it with decals, so that everyone around it can learn about your services

4) Have a simple presentation website created (for example from a freelancer on Fiverr or similar websites, where you can get one made for under 100 EUR)

5) Promote your services

         a) Start running ads on social media (Facebook, Instagram)

         b) Start running ads on Google

         c) Tell local media about yourself (they’ll gladly write about your unique service for free)

         d) Make sure to visit frequented places with your van (it’s free advertising that will bring you new customers)

         e)  Contact organizers of different events (festivals, weddings, concerts, company events, markets, town events and many more)

6) Once your completely booked NON-STOP, look for your first customers and buy other vans

2) Very Profitable Box Truck Business 

Mobile Blood Drawing Straight to Your Door

Start a company that would offer blood drawing without having the donors visit the hospital or a blood bank. You would be able to get more blood this way and help people in need, all the while making some money. An absolute win-win.

3) You Only Need to be a Box Truck Owner

Mobile Used Industrial Oil Regeneration Equipment

Used oil is classified as “hazardous waste”. It’s purchased in In large quantities (from about 0.5t) as secondary raw material due to the very low price (according to its pollution of 0.039 – 0.12 €/l) and is intended only as “energy” oil, mainly for combustion (metallurgical industry, cement plants, local boiler houses). But burning is a very inefficient way to use this raw material, because the oil used can be repeatedly “regenerated” and, thus, can serve its purpose again. A widely used regeneration technology is oil refining, which is an energy-intensive and expensive process. Mobile regeneration stations, compared to current operations, combine two main competitive advantages: significantly lower energy consumption and, thanks to homologation as a mobile device, the legislative burden on the start of operation is also reduced.

4) Automated box truck business without employees

STREETFOOD: Fully Automated Robotic Food Truck

The goal of the project is to introduce the latest technologies from the field of automation and robotics into gastronomy. The project will demonstrate the possibility of high-quality catering using the advantages of the Industry 4.0 idea – consistently high quality of prepared dishes, minimization of human resource costs, attractiveness, and huge marketing potential. This is just a mobile restaurant that can be 100% controlled by a robot (without human involvement).

  • This is one of the best box truck business ideas ever if you don’t want to do anything.
cool business idea  - robot in box truck

5) Do you love cars?

Open a Mobile Car Wash

This is a car wash service that comes to the owner in a specific place at a certain time, predetermined by the people themselves. The idea of this project is that the car wash would come to you, not the other way around. Stand out from the competition in your city.

6) Make easy money with box truck

Mobile Carpet Cleaning

Start a company that would clean carpets right in their clients’ homes. You’d be different from all your competitors in your town, who ask their clients to bring the carpets to them, making them go through that whole difficult process. You don’t even need a brick-and-mortar store, all you need is your car.

mobile carpet cleaning

7) A Gap in the Market?  

Open a Mobile Massage Parlor

Go that extra mile that most massage parlors in your area don’t. Come home to your customers, so that they don’t have to waste their time coming to you. All you need is a portable massage table and a car to take you places.

8) This Market is Growing Very Fast

Mobile Veterinary Services

It’s a great idea for people looking to start a veterinary clinic in a bigger city. You’d differentiate yourself from your competitors by offering a service no one else does. You’d simply come straight to people’s homes to do check-ups, administer shots, and cure lighter illnesses. People would gladly pay a premium for a service like this, and they’d recommend you to their friends as well.

box truck business ideas -mobile vet service

9) Are You Handy With Cars?

Become a Mobile Mechanic

Are you a skilled car mechanic and want to come up with something revolutionary? Start offering mobile services to your clients. You simply come to their home and make small repairs there. These services are perhaps not offered by any company in your area. Stand out and offer more! 

10) How to make money with a box truck?

Open a Bakery on Wheels

A mobile bakery is a brilliant business idea. Identify areas where people live in houses and come to them at the door with fresh pastries and sweet treats straight from the oven. Your bakery must be nicely designed to attract the attention of customers, and at the same time you can add a resonant melody to the car, which will immediately alert the residents of the area that you are nearby. 

11) Box truck business idea #1?

Start Offering Mattress Cleaning on Wheels

Mattress cleaning is very difficult. Not only is it difficult to transport mattresses from your home to the cleaners and back, but people also usually have to take them there first thing in the morning, so that they have something to sleep on that night (if the cleaners can clean it in one day). A mobile mattress cleaning service would solve both problems at the same time. Is there someone offering these services in your area?

local business idea

12) Do You Love Pets?

Become a Mobile Hairdresser for Pets

Do you love animals and have an aesthetic feeling? If so, and you have a car, then you have nothing to wait for. Have you heard of something similar in your area? Start-up costs and overhead expenses are low. You can work as much as you want, whenever you want. You can work alone. The potential for profit is high and you can expand your business with other services. Make sure a hairdresser for dogs comes to their customers and not the other way around.

  • This is one of the best box truck business ideas ever if you love pets.

13) Make money even when you sleep

Rent Your Box Truck

Simply start renting your box truck to other people and companies. You can find many websites all around the internet, where it’s possible.

14) Box Truck, Van or MiniBus

Something Between TAXI and Public Transport

How about making moving from point A to point B in larger cities cheaper? Create a new van travel sharing app that lets you book fares at an affordable rate while providing new jobs for people with vans. Why pay for a taxi when you can order a van much cheaper? It would work in such a way that the van driver would simply travel up and down the city and always take people who log in to the application along the way. Basically something between a taxi and public transport. In fact, it would be a mass taxi.

15) How to start a small box truck business?

STREET FOOD: Retro Waffle Food Truck

Start your business with delicious Belgian waffles that everyone loves so much. Get yourself a designer retro van that every passerby will notice. This is a really good idea for a business for which you don’t even need a lot of capital. Think about it.

16) How to make tons of money with your box truck?

Start a Wedding Box Truck Business

Buy an old VW van or a nice box track and turn it into a stylish car from which you will offer draft beer or prosecco at weddings. There are weddings happening constantly, so you can earn a lot of money. Think about it, the competition is minimal.

business idea with box truck

17) This is a BIG gap in the market

Organism Analysis from the Comfort of Your Own Home

Every organism is unique and that’s how you should approach each one. Offer a deep dive organism blood analysis that could tell which food and substances are harmful to that individual, and which would be beneficial. Your customers would be able to find out what to eat to have more energy, and what to avoid to stay healthy. You just need a working van, where you would draw your customers blood and then you’d mail them their results with your advice about nutrition in a couple of days.

18) Travel the World and Earn $100K+ a Year

Start Offering Low-cost Travel With Van or Box Truck

For this idea, you literally only need a working van. You can organize excursions to various interesting places, such as Chernobyl or the seaside. People who don’t have their own car and who want to experience adventures will definitely take advantage of this type of travel. And as a bonus, you get paid for traveling around the world.

  • This is one of the best box truck business ideas ever if you truly love traveling.
travel truck

19) Enjoy the ride and money

Start Offering Hippie Bus Tours

Start offering “hippie” tours in beautiful painted buses or VW vans. These tours can start, for example, in Amsterdam and end in Nepal or other countries. You will simply attract people who are close to this lifestyle and provide them with experience they will never forget. All you need is a beautifully painted “hippie” bus or a larger VW van and the right advertising. 

20) Do You love Ice Cream? 

Ice-Cream Van Business

If you are thinking about gastronomy, but at the same time do not want to start  with a restaurant or cafe, we would suggest trying an ice cream van to start off. The advantage is that you can follow the crowd. You can go to various festivals, lakes or parks in summer. In the winter, you can visit warm countries. However, the key is the look of  your van! It must be visually attractive, turning everyone’s head round. After all,  we are ice-cream lovers, aren’t we?

21) Do You Love Beer? 

Start a Beer Truck Business (Delivery of Draft Beer Directly to Customers’ Doors)

Surely you have already noticed the so-called “Food Trucks”. These are beautiful big cars that have an interesting design and sell snacks. How about a “Beer truck”? You could go wherever the people are but you have to find a place without draft beer. A great place could be a large park or a lake. Nice and eye-catching design would make people notice you immediately. The main advantage is that you are completely flexible and in the morning you can be in one place, while in the evening somewhere completely different. Think about it.

  • This is one of the best box truck business ideas ever if you truly love beer.

22) You don’t even need a driving license 

STREET FOOD: Open a Grill Food Truck

Everybody loves grilled meat, cheese, and veggies. Find a suitable spot somewhere downtown with a lot of company offices and offer grilled food that customers will fall in love with immediately.

23) Great Local Business Idea with Box Truck

Offer Moving Services in Your Area

Hopefully, everyone knows moving services. If you have a bigger car and this idea has caught your attention, then don’t hesitate and take the first step. You only need people to know about you and then work will come itself. This kind of business can be done alongside a full-time job because usually, you can agree on time and date in advance with the clients. 

How to make money with a 26ft box truck

24) Another Gap in The “Box Truck” Market?

Offer Fuel Delivery Service

Allow car owners to order fuel (petrol, gas and electricity) with their smartphone. A van will come to the location of the car and fill the tank. It would be a simple delivery of fuel to the location, where the customer needs it.

25) How to get business with a box truck? 

Offer Readymade Weddings

Many people want to take their relationship to the next level and get married. But the costs of a wedding are often breathtaking and can climb to sums of thousands or tens of thousands of euros. Start a company that would offer readymade weddings at significantly lower costs. You’d bring everything that’s needed on a van and get everything ready in a couple of days.

  • This is one of the best box truck business ideas ever if you love fun.

26) Have You Tried Them?

STREET FOOD: Home-Made Polish Donuts Stand

Open a local stand with real donuts “like grandma used to make” that everyone will adore. The cost of this type of business is absolutely minimal, and if you care about quality, your customers will appreciate it and will come back to you almost every day for a delicious donut that will sweeten their day.

27) Everyone Loves Coffee!

Turn your box truck into a coffee shop

Is there a place in your area that offers truly delicious coffee in a stylish box truck? Change it!

28) Follow the Trend

STREET FOOD: Open a FOOD TRUCK with Healthy Food

What comes to your mind when you say food truck? Greasy burgers, fries and kebabs? Be a little more innovative and come up with something new! The eating trend is clear, so you don’t have to worry about selling your veggie burgers or various sugar-free cookies. Quite the opposite! Fill a gap in the market and come with a vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free or paleo food truck.

  • This is one of the best box truck business ideas ever if you love good food
box truck business ideas - food van

29) The possibilities are endless

Open a Cool Shop on Wheels

YES, you read correctly! Imagine building your store in a truck, bus, or simply in a larger transport car. Not only will you be original and stand out from the crowd, but you will also be able to go where there are currently the most people and that is simply amazing! But it is up to you what you decide to sell there.

30) How to make $$$ with a box truck?

Open a Box Truck with Video Games

When you were little  you used to celebrate your birthday at the bowling . Now you can order endless fun right to your doorstep! The unique party bus or truck for  gamers provides video games, console borders, HD TVs, music speakers and much more that today’s children want. Create such a “gamer” dream and you will be rolling in money.

More business ideas with box trucks?

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