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There are currently more than 1,600+ business ideas in the database and more and more are being added every week!

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business ideas from around the world

  • Even if you browsed the whole internet and spent hundreds of hours looking business ideas, you would never find most of our 1600+ premium business ideas for 2022 that are being added every week by successful entrepreneurs and creative talents from around the world.
  • Business ideas you can start from home
  • Low-budget business ideas
  • Ideas for startupers who want to come to market with a groundbreaking solution
  • Ideas for e-commerce
  • Local business ideas
  • Ideas for investing 
  • Ideas for applications
  • Ideas for those who want to do business while traveling
  • Business ideas for both women and men
  • Online business ideas
  • Business ideas for rural area
  • Ideas from all around the world that are not yet in your country or town
  • Creative ideas that people have made millions on
  • Altogether more than 1600+ specific business ideas

“Some people dream of success, while other people get up every morning and make it happen


you've always dreamed of

We won't tell you that doing business is easy... but if you want more money and freedom in your life, then you have to take the first, and the most important step.

The step is to find a business idea that you just can’t stop thinking about.

You will immediately feel the energy that will drive you forward!


What will you find in the database?

Business ideas

There are already more than 1,600 business ideas in the database, with more being added every week.

Side hustle ideas

We think of everyone, even the people who would just like to make some extra cash regardless of whether they are employed or studying.

Startup ideas

We bring together innovative business ideas from around the world to help you change your country for the better.

Business Know-how

You'll have access to hundreds of sales techniques and marketing tips that will help you to monetize anything.

Live chat 24/7

You can ask us about anything, anytime. We are here to help you and to really start you up!

BONUS materials for FREE

By getting access to our database, you will receive a BONUS ebook packed with useful advice from the world of business.

Everyone can easily choose

  • Business ideas you can start from home
  • Low-budget business ideas
  • Ideas for startupers who want to come to market with a groundbreaking solution
  • Ideas for e-commerce
  • Ideas from all around the world that are not yet in your country or town
  • Ideas for investing
  • Ideas for applications
  • Business ideas for both women and men
  • Online business ideas
  • Business ideas for rural area
  • Ideas for those who want to traveling 
  • Creative ideas that people have made millions on
  • Altogether more than 1600+ specific business ideas

“The Database completely changed my life“

“The database completely changed my life“

“A year from now you may wish you had started today

Don't wait, start your own business

Most people spend 8 hours a day at work. That's 40 hours a week, 2,016 hours a year, and over 100,000 hours for a career! 

Since you are on this site, we are convinced that you do not want to waste this time. You prefer to dedicate it to something that will give you real meaning, that will fulfill you, and most importantly, help you progress. And we guarantee that you have a truly unique opportunity now.

“A year from now you may wish you had started today

Why It's Cheaper to Pay for the Database than Rely on "FREE" Ideas Over the Internet

  • 1600+ business ideas updated to 2022
  • Everything in one place, saving you a lot of time
  • Premium ideas you won't find anywhere else
  • Practical know-how not only on how to start a business, but how to last as well 
  • Opportunity to consult a selected idea with experts who have already successfully launched dozens of projects
  • Access to 1300+ private investors who are willing to invest in your new project immediately
  • 24/7 customer support over chat, e-mail, and phone

Our company cooperates with hundreds of the most knowledgeable and successful entrepreneurs operating across different industries and looking for gaps in the market to design this database for You.

The database has been in development for over 5 years and cost already exceed $100 000 + it is being updated every - signlem- week, so the costs keep rising.

Good news for You is that You don't need to pay $100 000, not even $10 000 or $1000.

The price is $35 if you act now

+ If you join us today, you will receive special and valuable bonus gifts and service for FREE!

Meet the authors

  • We have more than 10 years of experience in running projects all over the world
  • We are experts in creating strategies for beginning entrepreneurs
  • One of the largest banks in Europe trusts us.
  • We cooperate with one of the largest business faculties in Europe

  • We educate our members in business and personal development

  • We help people to fulfill their dreams and do what they really enjoy

  • We successfully do business not only in our country, but also abroad.

  • There is $2M a year in revenue in total between the founders


BONUS: You are going to receive our e-book HOW TO START A PROFITABLE BUSINESS, that will teach you 123 sales techniques which are not mastered by 95% of current entrepreneurs.

We've written our years of marketing and sales experience for you in this short but content-packed e-book, so you no longer have to read hundreds of books and watch plenty of online courses and instructional videos.

  • REAL VALUE: $49

+ other practical FREE E-BOOKS

  • REAL VALUE: $19
  • REAL VALUE: $19
  • REAL VALUE: $49
  • REAL VALUE: $29



NOW: $35

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Review of Big Idea Database
Review of our business ideas
Review of big idea database
Big Idea Database review
Innovative review
Positive review

More proof?

If you don't know what business to start, now you will know. Honestly, after I went through the Big Idea Database, I do not know which project to choose (that's how many of them make real sense to me). In addition, now I have a much better overview of business trends around the world. Truly inspirational tool.
Peter KocurManager at the antivirus company
I have been doing business in the field of interior shading and design for more than 15 years now and I am constantly looking for new investment opportunities. The database of business ideas created by Peter and Rado is the best tool that could get to my hands. Thank you very much and I look forward to new ideas!
Julius LabajThe founder of EYA interiors
It sometimes is a real struggle to find the right idea and then the right system to operate based on that idea. Finding this website allowed me to see what I was missing to then implement it into my own business model. Thank you 🤝
Brandon ZavalaFinancial advisor
I was able to find a such a great idea in creating a niche for myself with this team. Thank you guys a lot. Because of you i own a business today.
Ralph AcheampongExecutive Director, Elrafa Groups Ltd.

I am proud that we have helped 2500+ of you find a business idea.

Rado Sedlak

Co-founder of BIG IDEA DATABASE, entrepreneur and idea maker

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Who is behind the project?

Co-founder of Big Idea Database

Peter Karkoska

Co-founder, Entrepreneur, WEB3 Enthusiast and Idea Maker

Co-founder of Big Idea Database

Rado Sedlak

Co-founder, Online Entrepreneur and Idea Maker

How does it work?

  • All you need is to get access to the biggest database of business ideas in the world.
  • You will receive automatically generated login information by e-mail, immediately after you pay for your order, so that you can easily log in.

Your new journey can begin right now, so don't hesitate and make the first (but the most important) step. It's worth it.

“It's really simple

You may be asking...

What if I won't find any business idea?

Believe it or not, you are not alone in thinking this. Hundreds and hundreds of our members experienced these concerns before getting access to the database. But don't worry, if you won't find an idea for a business, we'll refund you all your money to the last cent! No questions asked. No obstacles. Immediately. On the other hand, we are pretty sure that You will find the idea, because 99.7% of our members have already found theirs.

What if I don't have enough capital to start my own business?

Low capital doesn't have to bother you at all, because there are hundreds of ideas in the database for which you only need minimal or even no capital, and you can start to run them comfortably even today from your living room. If you have no sales experience, then you are just like the vast majority of current entrepreneurs who have no idea why their customers buy from them. With us, you will not only learn what business to start but also how to run it profitably.

I'm afraid I'm not born to be a businessman

Don't worry, in addition to 1400+ business ideas, you will also get BONUS E-BOOK: 123 sales techniques that are not mastered by 95% of entrepreneurs and thanks to which you will profitably sell any "idea" that you will choose from us.

Where are you getting so many good ideas from?

First of all, we would like to point out that you will NOT find any dull "business ideas" in our database, like start a blog or open an e-shop. All ideas in the database are very specific and are based on real problems people have, which are addressed by few companies or not addressed at all in most countries. Ideas arise in 3 ways: 1) We often run into problems and then look for options that could solve them. If we do not find any, we find that there is a problem in the market and write it down to the database. 2) We listen to what bothers our friends, family and acquaintances and come up with products and services that they would be willing to pay for. 3) We are actively looking for new business ideas from abroad and following new trends that can be used immediately. Then we write them into the database and explain them with a description and photos.

Why don't you implement the ideas yourself?

There are so many ideas in the database, that it would be impossible to implement them all even in 20 lifetimes. We decided to share them with you so that they could get into the hands of someone who has time for them and who will fulfill his dreams thanks to them. We have already fulfilled ours, now it's your turn.

You are ready for a change.

Today, you will find the business idea that will give you financial freedom and respect from all the people who do not trust in you.

If you won't find an idea for your new business, we will refund all your money to the last cent the same day.  We guarantee that!

No questions asked. No obstacles. Immediately. 

Best case, you get the idea of your dreams and start earning hell of money… The worst case, you won’t find any business idea but will get all your money back and get some inspiration and business tips for free

Both options are risk free. But, the only thing guaranteed not to help you is walking out of here today.

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1600+ ultra specific business ideas
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+ BONUS: How to start a profitable business - 123 sales techniques, that make you sell anything
+ BONUS: 11 Steps to Super Succesfull Facebook Ads
+ BONUS: 7 Tips For Growing Instagram
+ BONUS: How to Find Gaps In The Market
+ BONUS: 7 Ways to Finance Your New Business
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