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Hearing that you have found a business idea that won't let you sleep at night makes me feel great.

Peter Karkoska

Co-founder of BIG IDEA DATABASE, entrepreneur and idea maker

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If you don't know what business to start, now you will know. Honestly, after I went through the Big Idea Database, I do not know which project to choose (that's how many of them make real sense to me). In addition, now I have a much better overview of business trends around the world. Truly inspirational tool.
Peter KocurManager at the antivirus company Avast.com
I have been doing business in the field of interior shading and design for more than 15 years now and I am constantly looking for new investment opportunities. The database of business ideas created by Peter and Rado is the best tool that could get to my hands. Thank you very much and I look forward to new ideas!
Julius LabajThe founder of EYA interiors
It sometimes is a real struggle to find the right idea and then the right system to operate based on that idea. Finding this website allowed me to see what I was missing to then implement it into my own business model. Thank you 🤝
Brandon ZavalaFinancial advisor
I was able to find a such a great idea in creating a niche for myself with this team. Thank you guys a lot. Because of you i own a business today.
Ralph AcheampongExecutive Director, Elrafa Groups Ltd.

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