10 unexpected small town business ideas that will make you a lot of money

Are you looking for small town business ideas that really work? Read on to find out what the current trends are and what it pays to do business in your region.

10 ideas for doing business in your small town

In this blog we will give you 10 tips on what to start a business with in any small town.

It doesn’t take more than 8 minutes to read the blog, so you can settle and get inspired.

TIP – don’t just read headlines, read whole ideas carefully.

1) Art & Wine workshops

People love wine! But they also love different activities and the feeling that they have learned something new. How about combining these 2 things and offering workshops where you will teach people to paint, draw, model sculptures or create pottery with a glass of wine. It would be a great relaxation where people could create art. I guarantee you that if any woman signs up for something like this, all her colleagues and friends in the town or village will know about you the next day.

2) Cafe with different coffee flavors

Do you know a café in your area where you can order coffee with, for example cookies or white chocolate flavour? Open something like this in your local area! I am convinced that your target group (girls and women under 40) will fall in love with such a place. The main advantage is that you are different from all the other cafes in your town, so they will talk about you and everyone will find out about you very quickly.

The basis in today’s business world is to differentiate yourself.

small town business ideas - cafe

3) Management of social networks for local companies

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all business has moved to online space. If you enjoy social networks, you have a great opportunity to use it! Reach out to local businesses that aren’t familiar with the online world and offer them your services. Create FB and IG profiles for them and communicate with their customers. Create interesting content and attract new customers to them. Such services are currently in greater demand than ever before.

small town business ideas for you

4) Express PIZZA delivery 

If you are asking what business to do in a small town, this is an amazing idea that has no competition in many locations! Pizza is a kind of fast food that everyone simply likes. Pizza companies will not fail even in a recession, because this dish is cheap and people can easily order it from the comfort of their home. But be special in your town! Guarantee something that no other pizza delivery guarantees. For example, if your customers don’t get pizza within 30 minutes, they eat for FREE! In a small town, it is no problem to keep such a commitment, which is why it is a great idea to start this business in smaller towns. Give it a try and see how people start talking about your business!

With this concept, the company Domino’s Pizza broke through in the USA.

The best marketing is one that spreads on its own by word of mouth from customers.

pizza delivery business idea

5) Open your mini gym

According to experts, there is currently a demand for cheap gyms where you can buy a monthly season ticket. Opening a gym can cost 30-100 thousand euros. However, not every entrepreneur can afford such an investment, so it is best to pay attention to some “domestic” format worth up to 30,000 euros. This means opening a small gym in a smaller space that is easily accessible to your customers. The advantage for you is that we are slowly entering a period of recession and people want to save, so they prefer to use a cheaper “mini” gym than the more expensive one.

idea for small town

6) Food stand

Do you know that an ice cream truck is a real business? The same goes for a hot dog stand! The sale of “fast food” is one of the industries that will simply never disappear. If you really want to sell ready-made meals, you don’t need a space with a high monthly rent. One of the best food business ideas for people with a small capital is just using a truck or a stand. The success or failure of this business depends primarily on your location.

unique business ideas for small towns

7) Beer, wine, liquor…

People tend to limit more expensive alcoholic beverages during the recession, but this does not mean that people stop drinking. Bottled wine sales in restaurants fell sharply in 2009, as did bar and restaurant revenues, but beer, wine and liquor wholesalers made huge sales during the last recession.

idea for a store in small city

8) SEO expert in your area

Website promotion on Google is now more important than ever before. Many companies that have not yet dealt with online due to the circumstances have started and this is a great opportunity for SEO experts who can get the sites to the highest possible positions in search. However, if you want to succeed in this industry, you need to read a lot of blogs and books and take a few online courses. Then you just need to contact local companies and your business can start. The advantage of this type of business is low competition in small towns and villages.


9) Drive-in cinema in a small town

One of the categories of small businesses that have recently experienced success in the era of coronavirus are car cinemas. Because standard cinemas are considered less safe because they encourage hundreds of people to gather in a small space, car cinemas allow people to take part in a show from their own car and provide an interesting experience for families and couples.

The advantage of this type of business is little to no competition, and the fact that you can run a car cinema without any problems throughout the year because it is not just a seasonal affair. It’s also great that if you open something like this in a small town, it will be shouted everywhere, and without much publicity, all the inhabitants of the town will quickly find out about it.

All you need is a large parking lot or space where your customers can park their cars and a large screen.

drive in cinema

10) Bar with PS consoles and games

Open a bar where people will have fun other ways than just talking and drinking. Buy PS or XBOX consoles (at least 2), pool table or table football and a few machines such as pinball or basketball hoops (such as those found in amusement parks), punching bags that run when you throw in money and measure your strength and similar fun machines that people love. Personally, I know people who own similar businesses and believe me, they are not doing bad at all.

If there is nothing similar in your small town, you have nothing to wait for.

bar with ps console

Do you already know which small town business idea will you start?

In this blog we have offered you some creative ideas for doing business in a small town, but if you are looking for ideas for doing business in a village, you can read our previous blog on how to start a business in a village.

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