Business ideas for app – 11 extraordinary tips that can make you rich

Are you looking for business ideas for app that you can easily and efficiently start from your home even today?

Focus on ONLINE. Focus on APPS.

People are currently spending record time online on a variety of websites, social networks, and applications.

According to the renowned British news portal Sky News, people in quarantine spend up to 36 % more time online than before.

Take advantage of it.

There are many options and we have 11 ideas for app that allow you to get rich from home (even during a crisis).

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Read business ideas in their entirety, not just their headlines.

Now sit back and get inspired.

#1 HOAX Application

Create an AI application that can evaluate misinformation based on millions of data from around the world. It simply tells the user if it is probably fake news or real news. In today’s world, something like this is more necessary than ever before. Just think about it.

good ideas for app

#2 Application for dreams

Create an application in which people enter their dreams (for example, visiting New York City, driving in a formula or jumping off a plane …). In addition to written dreams, they also insert pictures to better visualize them and then enter the date by which the individual dreams would like to be realized. Subsequently, your application will warn them that it is time to fulfill their dreams and remind them that their time is running out and thus motivate them to fulfill their dreams. You will help people live a better life and at the same time make good money on it.

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#3 Application for “people” skills

There are many people who need advice on how to best behave in certain situations, and your application would help these people with it on a daily basis. Create an application that would advise people on how to behave on dates, business meetings, interviews and many other important life scenarios. It’s a great business idea, think about it.

#4 Funny voice changing app

Create an app that allows your users to turn their voice into the voice of famous celebrities or favorite movie characters or even advertising mascots. It will be something like a face app but to change the voice. Because it will be funny, people will share it with others and awareness of your application will quickly spread to the world, just imagine.

business app - voice change

#5 Application for finding relatives

Have you ever wondered where your last name comes from and if you have any relatives in the world? There are many people in the world with the same last name or who come from the same area as your ancestors that you don’t even know about. Create an application that makes it easy to track down these “relatives” and then contact them. Your users will appreciate it.

best ideas for app - finding relatives

#6 Application for lies

Create an application that can recognize a lie by the tone of your voice or a sentence composition. Users simply turn it on when they suspect that someone is lying to them and learn the truth. This could be on of the best ideas for app of all time.

#7 Application for achieving goals

Create an app that makes it easier for people to reach their goals. They simply put what and when they want to achieve into it. From the very smallest goals to those that can take years to achieve. They will then post their progress and notes there. It motivates them to achieve their life goals and makes them more productive people. Just think about it, wouldn’t you use something like this?


#8 Air quality application

The air quality in your apartment or house has never been more important than it is now. In addition to the raging of the pandemic outside, the air is more polluted than ever before. That’s why the air in your home is extremely important. Create an app that can tell people if they should do something about the air or it’s normal. The application can be free and you can earn money from ads.

cool idea for app

#9 Application for body fat

More and more people are developing a healthy lifestyle and looking for applications that will make it easier for them to lose weight and gain muscles. Create an app to find out what their approximate body fat is with just a photo from their smartphone.

body fat app

#10 Application for trying on clothes

Create an app that allows people to try on clothes from e-shops without ordering them home. How? They simply upload photos of their faces and figures from different angles to the application and then upload images from different e-shops. Your application then pairs the clothes with their figure and they can see exactly whether the clothes fit them or not. Just imagine how many shopping maniacs would kill for such an app (especially in this strange pandemic era). It’s a perfect idea for app.

new fashion app

#11 FREE parking app

Have you ever traveled to any big city by car? If so, you know for sure what a huge problem it is to find parking. And free parking is almost impossible, especially if you have paid accommodation somewhere in the center. Create an application that will make this search easier for people visiting various big cities and show them the exact places where they can park for free. You can make money on ads for example.

parking app

More business ideas for app and opportunities

These were the 11 applications we randomly selected for you from the biggest database of business ideas in the world. But the best ones are waiting inside.

If you are interested in any of these applications, we will be happy if you start working on it and make life easier for people, while it will bring you a well-deserved financial reward.

However, if none of the apps interest you enough, we firmly believe that we have at least stimulated your creativity.

You can discover more business ideas HERE.

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“Tech will transform from something we actively use to a more seamless integrated experience that is ‘on’ all the time.”

– Daniel Bæk, Co-founder of Nodes